Search Engine Optimization Firm, SEO Specialist Mumbai in Bombay Search Engine optimization Search Engine Submission Search Engine ranking Search Engine placing Web promotionSearch Engine Optimization Firm, SEO Specialist Mumbai in BombaySearch Engine Submission Search Engine optimization Search Engine ranking Search Engine placing Web promotion
Search Engine optimization Search Engine Submission Search Engine ranking Search Engine placing Web promotion
Search Engine optimization Search Engine Submission Search Engine ranking Search Engine placing Web promotion

why us

 Unless your site appears on the top pages of search results from the major search engines, your chances of getting visitors from them are very slim. Search engine placement is the most important--and most misunderstood--aspect of web site promotion. The most popular search engines will check your site directly for ranking information. Using correct methods, your site can gain a top position and more potential clients; however, using wrong methods can result in lower ranking or being banned completely by search engines. After a great deal of research and experience, our staff has discovered the very best techniques and secrets to modify your web page to gain a higher ranking.

A few facts:

  • 85% of web users will look for your product or service in a search engine and will only look at the first 10-30 listings and ignore the rest. Using a Search Engines Placement service to prepare your web site and submit to the search engines is a foundational part of online marketing and cannot be ignored.

  • Most major search engines will either 'spider' your site (search it for keyword relevancy via an automated computer program) or have their staff check it manually (like Yahoo or Looksmart). Nobody has the ability to tell the search engines where to place or rank a web all depends on the preparation AND the keyword phrases chosen. We ask for keyword phrase suggestions, then research them to find out how popular they are...based on our analysis either use your's or suggest others that are related but more popular.

  • "Simply repeating the same keywords or frequently resubmitting my site will get me higher in the search engines." NO! This is likely to get a lower ranking (or possibly kicked off the search engines). We know the right combination of keywords, phrases, hidden meta tags, body text, and title design to get maximum results.

  • "Just blasting out multiple submissions using some software program will get me in the major search engines"...wrong. Many are not accepting automated submissions and some sites have been banned for excessive submitting.

  • The "guarantee" myth: Every search engine has acceptance policies and ranking methods, which change constantly and, as a result, positions change's #1 position is next month's #10. Therefore, no search engine submission or placement service can actually "guarantee" to have control over exactly where a web site is positioned in the search engines...the way the search engines are designed makes this impossible. These "guaranteed" services are usually fly by night companies who cannot fulfill what they claim--unfortunately, we've heard many complain that their money was taken and they were never contacted again or very little was done for them. On the other hand, we believe in being honest with you about the industry AND doing everything we can to get your site in the first page of search engine listings. Remember, our goal is always to get you in the #Top position.

 We not only submit and optimize your site for the top 20 search engines, but we also provide our " Top 3,000" monthly submission service. This will put your website in all the best major and minor search engines, directories, award sites, yellow page, classified ad networks, and link listings found on the Internet. Although the major search engines are the most important for generating traffic, many hits can also come from the minor search resources; as well, having many links on the Internet can improve your site's link relevancy, which increases ranking in some of the major search engines. To view a sample listing of the search engines you will be submitted to, please click here.

What we do for you:

  • Keyword Phrase Research. Popular keywords are essential to success. Using the suggestions you give us and our analysis of your website, we will research your keywords against those actually used in search engine queries in order to find the most popular ones for your product or service.

  • Full analysis and optimization of your home page for highest possible search engine ranking. This includes using various techniques. We will modify your home page's hidden text, meta tags, visible text, title, etc...once the modifications are complete, the new page will need to be uploaded to your server. We will also suggest redesign of your website for optimal ranking (e.g., beautiful websites with all graphics do not rank well unless certain modifications are made).

  • Highest possible search engine placement! We use every tool available to get you in the highest results for your keywords.

  • Monthly submission to the major engines AND over 3,000 additional search resources!

  • Hand submission to top search engines and directories.

  • Great Price! We offer deep discounts Contact us for details.

We will email you throughout the optimization submission process and will create a detailed report with submission details for each engine. We always strive to place your URL in the most relevant category and in the fastest method possible.

Order site to get started. It only takes few minutes to register and your order will be processed as soon as possible. The earlier you submit, the sooner you will get listed.